Terra Rosa Consulting offer a range of services focused on the assessment and documentation of historic heritage sites. Our staff includes a number of experienced historic archaeologists, historians and spatial data specialists who can analyse, record and interpret historic sites using a combination of documentary and material evidence.

Our historic heritage and archaeology services include:

  • Archaeological and historical field surveys
  • Historical research
  • Ethno-historical research and consultations
  • Desktop assessments
  • Significance assessments
  • Archaeological salvage and excavations
  • Monitoring
  • Historic Buildings Archaeology
  • 3D data capture and modelling of built structures
  • Landscape mapping including structures and features
  • Assessing potential development implications
  • Assessments of Aboriginal sites which date to the historic period
  • Risk mitigation services

Terra Rosa Consulting has extensive experience liaising with regulatory bodies and stakeholders on behalf of our clients to ensure legislative compliance and the best possible outcomes. We are a registered heritage service provider with regulatory bodies across Australia and have a strong working relationship with key stakeholders including the National Trust of Australia (WA).

Our historic heritage and archaeology specialists are highly professional; they are committed to ongoing professional development in their field and maintain membership with key industry associations including the Australian Society of Historical Archaeology (ASHA) and Australian Archaeological Association (AAA).