Terra Rosa Consulting offers a wide range of heritage services that include facilitating the approvals process and developing cultural management strategies.

Terra Rosa Consulting directly employs a number of highly experienced archaeological and anthropological consultants, spatial data specialists, and environmental officers to ensure Traditional Owners, stakeholders, and industry bodies are represented to the highest degree and comply with all relevant legislation. We achieve this by delivering a range of heritage surveys and reports including;

  • Work area and work program clearance surveys
  • Site avoidance surveys
  • Section 18 site Identification surveys
  • Section 16 excavations
  • Archaeological and cultural salvage

At all stages during the various surveys, Traditional Owners have the opportunity to address any heritage concerns with methodology, the proposed works, and their recommendations on heritage management strategies.

Our commitment to facilitating good relationships between Traditional Owner groups and the resource sector is reflected in Terra Rosa Consulting’s experienced consultation and negotiation services assisting mitigation between community interests and industry development.

Extensive international and national experience has ensured that Terra Rosa Consulting has developed proven strategies for achieving best practice heritage management and a solid understanding of the cultural heritage needs and goals of Traditional Owners, stakeholders, and industry bodies.