Terra Rosa’s environmental team has been established due to the intrinsic link between environment and heritage. Managing environmental issues in conjunction with heritage will ultimately safeguard country for future generations.

With backgrounds in conservation, wildlife management, mining, environmental management and legislative compliance, our environmental service professionals meet the needs of the community, industry and government alike, and ensure our business is conducted in line with the latest industry standards and appropriate environmental legislation.

Our environmental team work alongside industry environmental professionals and Traditional Owner groups providing services such as;

  • Ethno-botanical mapping aimed at recording traditional ecological knowledge of native flora and fauna;
  • Biological and threatened species surveys (EPA level 1 and 2);
  • Preparing Environmental, Conservation and Rehabilitation Management Plans for lands (including mine sites, reserves and TO managed lands); and
  • Developing practical conservation programs to assist in recovery of species and lands, and, in doing so providing capacity building for Traditional Owner groups.

As Terra Rosa’s Environmental team grows and gains momentum, the range of environmental services provided by Terra Rosa Consulting will expand, providing a comprehensive environmental and cultural service to industry and communities throughout Western Australia.