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Terra Rosa begins Healthy Country Initiative in partnership with QLD Traditional Owners

How do you feel about doing some heritage work in Queensland, perhaps on the Great Barrier Reef? How could any heritage consultant say no to that? With bags packed with work boots, cameras, Nodal Ninjas, bathers and sunscreen, the Terra Rosa team of Scott and Anne headed for Queensland to spend a week examining the […]

Art returns to the Badimia Granites

There’s something a bit surreal about the Granites. Where some of the boulders that scatter the site look like they could roll away like marbles at any minute, others sit firmly like Colossi, keeping watch over the sandy landscape. But it’s when the sky goes dusky, or the rain rolls over the breakaways that the […]

Nyimili Interactive Journey Launch

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Nyimili Interactive Journey website. Terra Rosa and the members of the Yinhawangka community have been working co-operatively on the Nyimili Project since 2014. A significant milestone in the project, the website explores the significance and history of the Nyimili Range through information captured on the […]

The adventures at Nyimili continues

If there is one thing we know by now it’s that the more time we spend on the Nyimili range, the more spectacular it proves to be! Following on from findings such as ochre paintings, engravings and wooden artefacts the team went on to identify numerous more scarred trees and rockshelters with cultural materials in […]

Motion footage reveals animals of Nyimili Range including a dingo pup!

Yinhawangka representatives and the Terra Rosa environmental team recently completed an initial environmental survey of the Nyimili Range. Using equipment like motions sensor cameras and Bat call detectors at several sites around the ranges, including caves, breakaways, and water pools, it was hoped to record the presence of some conservation significant species such as the […]

Getting Ready to Work

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The team at Terra Rosa was lucky enough to enjoy a fantastic Mexican lunch on Melbourne Cup day, relax and celebrate the day with a few bubbles. As we joined many people in Australia to watch the race that stops the nation we also recognised that many people aren’t as fortunate to be treated to […]

Kicking Goals with Cultural Competency

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This week the governing body of English football (soccer) has announced it is considering the introduction of cultural training to try to combat racism within the sport. Working well in a cross cultural setting is not always as easy as it seems it should be. Even when there is goodwill on both sides communicating effectively […]