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TR trains an Indigenous heritage team

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In February Terra Rosa’s heritage trainers were employed by Nyiyaparli enterprise, Wilypa, to train four young Aboriginal men in Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work. The idea of the program was to build Wilypa’s capacity so that Aboriginal people manage and lead their own cultural heritage surveys. Graduates could also find employment as rangers, heritage […]

The TR Foundation seeks interns and volunteers for 10-week program

Volunteer / intern placements in not-for-profit Foundation based in Fremantle The organisation The TR Foundation was established in 2016 as an avenue for assisting Traditional Owner groups to fulfil their cultural and community development aims. The Foundation currently supports Traditional Owner groups to return to country, record important cultural sites and express cultural information through […]

Terra Rosa begins Healthy Country Initiative in partnership with QLD Traditional Owners

How do you feel about doing some heritage work in Queensland, perhaps on the Great Barrier Reef? How could any heritage consultant say no to that? With bags packed with work boots, cameras, Nodal Ninjas, bathers and sunscreen, the Terra Rosa team of Scott and Anne headed for Queensland to spend a week examining the […]

Nyimili Interactive Journey Launch

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Nyimili Interactive Journey website. Terra Rosa and the members of the Yinhawangka community have been working co-operatively on the Nyimili Project since 2014. A significant milestone in the project, the website explores the significance and history of the Nyimili Range through information captured on the […]

Gidarjil Indigenous rangers train with Terra Rosa to measure Gladstone’s heritage health!

Taking a break from turtle and mangrove monitoring, 13 trainee Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers crammed into the Gidarjil bus and headed out with Terra Rosa to The Narrows Quarry, a spectacular Aboriginal quarry site around 45 minutes north of Gladstone. The quarry boasts countless silcrete artefacts spanning many square kilometres on the tidal mudflats, […]

The adventures at Nyimili continues

If there is one thing we know by now it’s that the more time we spend on the Nyimili range, the more spectacular it proves to be! Following on from findings such as ochre paintings, engravings and wooden artefacts the team went on to identify numerous more scarred trees and rockshelters with cultural materials in […]

Rare wooden artefacts found in the Nyimili Range!

The Nyimili Range community project continues! Frida, Kirsty and Denis from Terra Rosa have spent the last week back in Tom Price with the Yinhawangka Traditional Owners, continuing the investigation and recording of the heritage values of Nyimili and the associated range. During this week we worked collaboratively with a different Yinhawangka family group who […]

Back to blog about bones!

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Last week Terra Rosa staff gathered with soft drinks and bowls of nachos, around the long meeting table on the ground floor of the office for a lecture.  The table was adorned with books titled, for example, Human Osteology and Animal remains from archaeological sites as well as files including one dedicated entirely to kangaroo […]

The Day of Archaeology 2013

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This year two of our fantastic Terra Rosa archaeologists submitted blogs for the Day of Archaeology! The Day of Archaeology is an annual project which explores the real day to day life of archaeologists. Archaeologists from all over the world are able to volunteer to write, photograph or film a day at work and document […]

Exhumation of Archbishop Clune

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By Jade O’Brien On International Talk Like A Pirate Day (19 September) 2006, I was staring at four crosses on the floor of St Mary’s Cathedral making jokes about searching for treasure. This was the first day of the exhumations of the second and third Catholic Bishops of Perth and the start of my involvement […]