Communities Manager

Lucy - Communities Manager


Lucy has eight years of experience in heritage anthropology, community development and business administration within Australia. Given this experience, Lucy is able to bring an extensive knowledge of anthropological method, heritage protocols and business practice to her role as a Communities Manager. Her experience has included anthropological survey work, native title research, collaborating with Traditional Owners to design and implement community projects, and involvement in the business administration of Terra Rosa Consulting. She is a skilled applied anthropologist with experience in working with Native Title groups, Aboriginal communities, and other stakeholders to meet community interests and industry needs. As Terra Rosa Consulting’s Community Manager, Lucy has developed excellent personnel relation and management skills to successfully guide staff in their roles within the company.

Lucy is interested in community driven cultural knowledge projects that create opportunities for individuals to return to places of important and significance, promote the sharing and transference of knowledge across generations, and have the potential to promote social change and well-being within communities.