Scott Chisholm

Scott Chisholm – Founder/Director

Prior to Terra Rosa I worked for several years in heritage roles for various consulting firms and agencies in Western Australia and Queensland.

Looking for a new challenge I started operating as a sole trader hoping to make my own mark on the heritage industry. During discussions in these early days with colleagues, friends and Traditional Owners, what became clear was that there had not been a lot of results delivered in the heritage space that had meaningful engagement and results for stakeholders. The realisation that stakeholder focused engagement could provide more effective and sustainable outcomes was the driving force that lead to an expansion from sole trader to forming Terra Rosa Cultural Resource Management.

As Terra Rosa has grown we have continued to capitalise on the idea that a unique form of engagement and agency can be utilised to implement a whole suite of services that deliver greater outcomes for clients and stakeholders.

We are very lucky to be in a position of trust. To maintain the trust our clients have placed in us, it is always necessary to remember our agency, the scope of services we have been asked to carry out, and the remit that we have been given. Terra Rosa is happy to work as a partner with your organisation,  deliver on your requirements and offer support, but we are very clear that it is our clients that set the agenda and the nature of that engagement.

The name Terra Rosa is reflective of the red earth of the north west of WA. This area in WA has been a second home for myself and many staff at our company.